Tabletop & Board Game Hotness – Autumn/Fall 2017

*Drum roll please* …Introducing, the Tabletop Hotness! (And coldness, to follow next week) For Autumn 2017 (or Fall if you’re from the other side of the Atlantic).

Yes, the name sounds a bit ridiculous, but what we have here is something a little special, something that only comes around once every season. Yes, it is in fact the wonderful and amazing news that I’ll be writing up a list of the both the hottest new games for the season (the hotness), plus a list of seasonal games I consider to be flying under the radar a little right now (the coldness).

A list of the best games coming out? ‘Revlutionary!’ I hear you cry. Well, sure it may not be revolutionary, but at least once every season, you’ll be able to see at a glance what the big releases are, and what games I feel you should be on the lookout for. Think of it like professional gambling advice, but for board games and tabletop games. Oh, and definitely not professional.

First up…

1. Unearth

This game looks STUNNING, and has 2 to 4 players ‘bending their luck’, with their ‘tribe’ of dice, to draft cards and claim ruins and stones and other fun things.

Said ruins look incredible, so naturally, you will WANT to collect them. This one has been receiving a lot of praise for a while and justifiably so. It’s simple, looks amazing, and also manages to incorporate dice in a way that doesn’t make people with commically aggressive voices exclaim  ‘WHY ARE THERE SO MANY DICE, AAAARGH DICEEE!’ and then flip the table. Which is nice in a way.

2. Lisboa

This one is a beast, but as much as Unearth looks incredible. The game is designed around such an overdone theme;  the rebuilding and planned development of a really old european city after the devastation of a particularly nasty earthquake in 1755. Be at least a bit original guys. Sheesh.

The hype around this one was huge again, except on the opposite end of the complexity scale to Unearth, this game is an absolute beast.  It’s a heavy game through and through, with strategy galore, and a board that features like, A LOT of pieces and things all over the place. They do look nice though, which is a bonus.

This one comes with a strong warning for beginner gamers or newcomers to the hobby, but if you love really complex and deep games, go nuts, this’ll be like Christmas but just not actually at Christmas. So just like, a really cool day where you get a fun new game. Hurrah!

3. Whistle Stop

Again with the overdone themes guys, SERIOUSLY.

I do love trains though, so let’s just let this one off this time.

Whistle stop was one of those games that was absolutely ALL OVER twitter during Gen Con. It’s a game that looks nice, has mini trains in it, and is also competitive in a fun ‘pick up things and deliver them to try and build your fledgling railroad company in the mid 1800s’ kind of way. Nice!

Playing in the oddly specific time of 75 minutes this game is a mid length, mid weight, middle of the board game night once everyone has polished off the doritos and beer combo and started chanting ‘TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS’ affair.

Just get it if you like trains.

4. Mountains of Madness

Cthulhu!? WHAT IS THIS, the ‘we’ve done this a million times before already’ brigade or something. Good one Chris.

Slightly different from your usual Cthulhu affair we have a game which sees players going up a mountain and slowly getting progressively more and more insane. And not  insane in a ‘I think that guy looked at me funny’ way, but more like a ‘I saw tentacles in the darkness and now I’m questioning the meaning of existence and god’ way. Fun!

This one is a coop deal, and you have to make sure to communicate on a mostly non-insane  level to successfully complete your mission up the mountain of questionable  intrigue and mystery.

I don’t even understand why you’re party is going UP the mountain in the first place, surely it makes more sense to head DOWN but then that’s just me I guess. It’s a good game though, so that’s a thing.

5. Trench (2nd Edition)

Oh but Chris, why have you put a game in here that already exists! Well, mostly because people are talking about it all over the place, and also because it’s having a SECOND EDITION printed and launched through Kickstarter soon.

Plus look at it. It’s beautiful, and I hate using that word  but it is. A gloriously monochrome glossy sheet of abstract and mind melting strategy goodness. Hell even if you don’t like the game it’s worth the buy to have it sit on your posh fancy coffee table and just sit there…  looking cool.

Coming Soon: The Coldness!

To follow next week, my top 5 under the radar games aka; games that I like the look of that not many people are really talking about that much. Check it out! Not now, but when I post it, obviously.

Yours hotly,