Tabletop & Board Game Hotness – Autumn/Fall 2017

*Drum roll please* …Introducing, the Tabletop Hotness! (And coldness, to follow next week) For Autumn 2017 (or Fall if you’re from the other side of the Atlantic). Yes, the name sounds a bit ridiculous, but what we have here is something a little special, something that only comes around once every season. Yes, it is … Continue reading “Tabletop & Board Game Hotness – Autumn/Fall 2017”

Top 5 themes that need to be made into tabletop games

If you’re a regular tabletop gamer, you know when you see a bad theme. Well, maybe not a BAD theme, but just one that has been executed poorly. It’s my opinion that ANY theme could work well in a tabletop game if it was just executed properly. Despite that though there is a slew of … Continue reading “Top 5 themes that need to be made into tabletop games”

Top 5 ways to loose friends over board games

Yep, that’s right, absolutely no idea! Well that’s a bit of an exaggeration, I have SOME idea, SOME of the time. I’m kinda halfway between all the gear and no idea, and gear and idea. Sometimes though, people get right up my nose about stuff. That’s the expression I’m sure. I’m not an angry man … Continue reading “Top 5 ways to loose friends over board games”