Tabletop & Board Game Coldness – Autumn/Fall 2017

*Drum roll please* …Introducing, the Tabletop COLDness! For Autumn 2017.

Very similar to the hotness, this instead is a list  of 5 of the more under the radar and lesser known games releases. So kind of the opposite of the hotness, in which case it’s not similar at all.

I mean, it’s a list at least, so there is THAT.

Thing is, and I know you’re going to say it whilst reading through, ‘Oh, I already know about these because I’m like a way super cool guy who knows ALL of the upcoming releases and these aren’t even CLOSE to underground!’

To that person I say so what, I admit it these might be a bit obvious… maybe. But I’m writing this list from me, to you, as a gift. And that gift is to divulge my most wondrous and excitably received, under the radar and only slightly lesser well know board game and tabletop releases for Autumn 2017!

Let it begin!

1. Someone has Died

This one’s only just gone up on Kickstarter, so if you’re into proving that you’re worth the inheritance of a tenuously connected dead relative then go back it right now gosh darn it!

This game clearly had me from the word ‘died’, which as a starting point is honestly a great backup theme for ANY tabletop game. Pretty much all good games involve death of some kind, pretty sure of that…

‘But lots of games nowadays are family friendly and have to specifically focus on themes that aren’t death related’ you say. Ok, sure you’re right. This doesn’t fit into that category though.

Essentially, you find yourself with an identity, and a strange and interesting connection to a dead relative, and are then pitched against  other players to improvise answers to a series of questions as to why  YOU should inherit the voluminous fortune of the deceased, and not them. You thieving bastard. How  could you!

Hilarity ensues.

2. Whitehall Mystery

Ok so this might just be the most ‘know about’ game on this list. Essentially a rehash of a previous ‘whitechapel’ title, this is a rework, and a MUCH better one at that.

Also, it’s a hidden movement game, which for me basically means that one person gets to go all ‘bond villain’ and periodically start to chuckle maniacally behind a dungeon master style screen whilst casually plotting to escape from a series of murders most foul. Exciting! Isn’t it just.

I love a game with secret hidden motives though, and this one proves not to disappoint. Just think of it as Dracula’s Fury but like, way less complicated and only slightly shorter.

Plus Jack the Ripper is just a way fun theme. You know, in a horrible ‘this could have been real and some actual proper nasty things did take place in some people’s lives’ kinda way.

3. Itchy Feet

Look at those tiny little travelling men! Holy baloney.

And the colour palette! Dreamy.

I’m having a design freak out over here, even the icons nicely reflect the overall tone of the game (even if the font is a little unreadable at small sizes).

Plus, travelling seems like a cool theme for a game because I never took the time in my youth to travel around all the places I wanted to go and I definitely don’t regret that. Honest.

Instead I’ll have an amazingly illustrated set of cards in a game about travelling where I can simply pretend to go globetrotting with my pals and make life long memories that will shape me better as a human being. Yeah definitely no regret there.

4. Yummy Yummy Pancake

Who is naming these games now come on. What a name though. Not just one yummy. TWO YUMMIES. That’s double yummy people. And pancakes are yummy, so this game is already a spot on accurate and realistic portrayal of life. I can totally relate!

If you didn’t  realise I’ve literally just put this on the list for the name alone. For all I know it could be nothing to do with pancakes. What can I say, I know when a theme just speaks to me.

10/10 no review needed.

Top tip for game developers. Name your games after yummy food. Then tell me again how yummy it is.

5. Potato Pirates

Oh I do love it when things string together so nicely. We’ve got a food theme here guys, this time though it’s swashbuckling potatoes. It’s another that’s currently running on Kickstarter as well!

Not only that, but they are TEACHING US CODE. Yeah exactly. Move over code academy and, I’m gunna become a senior front end engineer simply from playing this card game ok.

Maybe not quite true, but for kids this is excellent! Games are fun, there are potatoes and pirates in it, I bet when you play you won’t even REALISE you’re learning about object oriented programming languages accidentally.

Win/Win if you ask me.

Yours coldly,