Top 5 Worst uses of Business Slang

Right, guess I’d better action this article then. Hope you guys give me some actionable feedback so I can make sure this blog is scalable and will deliver you an end to end experience… Made me a bit sick in my mouth writing that but there’s a lot more where that came from. Ah the … Continue reading “Top 5 Worst uses of Business Slang”

The Rise of the Casual Board Gamer

It’s here you guys, the plague of casual gamers is here! Shield your eyes and protect your newly born children from the horrors that are about to unfold! Well maybe it’s not so bad. I mean, I’m totally a casual gamer, which I can imagine you think is fairly weird for someone who has just … Continue reading “The Rise of the Casual Board Gamer”

29 Going on for tea. I hate tea.

Yeah really bad pun, I know, I get it, try to be a little bit funny with the article title and fall flat on your 29 year old face. Good job there. This post however is not about me feeling sorry for myself, my age or my bad pun writing ability, but more about my hatred of … Continue reading “29 Going on for tea. I hate tea.”