Out of Print Board Games that I wish were in my Collection…

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We spend so long talking about all the amazing new games coming out all the time (well maybe not this blog personally, but you know, like ALL the blogs in general), what with Kickstarter going on, and… other stuff, in the industry. Turns out though, there are a LOT of old games (and some popular newer ones) that just havn’t been printed in a really long time, that people are entirely missing out on. Some well know, some not so much.

It’s like that old stack of vinyl that you inherited from your [insert elderly relative here] that you never got round to playing because, well, you just don’t have a record player, and really who has one of THOSE these days.

Well, again, turns out everyone and their hipster sister has one, and maybe you SHOULD play those records after all. So let’s stick some dusty vinyl on the old turntable, then crank it up until the speakers start to make that weird crackly distorted noise that means you’ve probably turned them up too high, and no doubt the annoying neighbours will be over any second to complain.

1. Fireball Island

We start off with an absolute classic. A classic which I, being the millenial blog writer (or ‘blogger’ as people more commonly call them) that I am, clearly had no idea about until the remake was announced this year.

But then immediately jumped onto the hype wagon.

According to those who actually PLAYED the game at one point during their lives, this game was one of few to merge the intersection of game and toy (thank geek and sundry for the commentary), and almost everybody in the community is looking forward to having this much loved 3d board back on our tables.

Sign up for the Kickstarter announcement here

2. Fury of Dracula

Another classic that has stood the test of time (enough to have 4 iterations of it printed throughout it’s life), however, another seemingly not popular enough (which I find hard to believe) to warrant regular reprints.

It’s the big daddy of the hidden movement genre and a game that everybody deserves to have played at least once, though I have played it never.

Do want.

3. Santorini

Here we go again, another game you’ve talked about before Chris I see the pattern here.

This one is genuinely out of print though, and it’s probably the one I’m MOST bitter about if I’m honest. Mostly because I’m a sucker for a great looking game and I just LOVE 2 player abstract strategy. Probably to my detriment because I’m not actually particularly good at them. I’m getting better though! Surely! I must be, right? Just one more game, I’ll win this time!

Not a chance.

4. Kingdom Death: Monster

A truly monolithic beast of a tabletop game, and THE legacy game that made legacy popular again. This one is one of the most funded Kickstarters ever, and also probably the most EXPENSIVE games ever (prove me wrong).

So, naturally, because it is really popular (and no doubt because the creators are spending their lives tirelessly poring over the intricate details of v2.0), it is out of print.

Not that I have that sort of hard cash to drop on a board game if it WAS in print, but you know, a man can dream.

5. Container

OH thanks there, end the article on a ESPECIALLY EXCITING SOUNDING GAME.

It’s about shipping containers guys, hold onto your hats here. This is gunna get CRAZY.

You basically compete, to move shipping containers around, and you score points to win. REVOLUTIONARY I know.

For some reason though I STILL WANT IT. Maybe it’s the sticker on the box art that tempts me with the hint at the ‘investment bank’ add-on (oh how tantalising!) Or maybe it’s the title in GREIGE (yes that’s a combo of grey and beige, get on board folks) CAPS that really gets me going. Or maybe it’s just the fact that the game comes with little container cuboids that you get to stack neatly onto little container boats and move around. Yeah it’s definitely that. OCD thank me later!

Also, this one is also just coming to Kickstarter after being out of print for A LONG TIME (fact checking is hard), so go get it! If you’re into that sort of thing…


Yes, you heard, thats the end of the list. Fact.

Yours out-of-printedly,


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